“The Bluest Eye” Winter Section

1.  She uses the personification and metaphors to describe Mr. macteer’s appearance. She says “His eyes become a cliff of snow threatening to avalanche; his eyebrows bend like black limbs of leafless trees. ”

2. The group of boys harass pecola by calling her a “black e mo” and saying “Yadaddsleepnekked” (your dad sleeps naked). She becomes very vulnerable and crys because she is deffensive over both topics.

3.Maureen peel is a very pretty girl with long brown hair, green eyes, and she was rich. She was very nice to Pecola at first, when she was being bullied by the boys, but I think it was partly over curiousity because later on she tries to find out if pecola actually did see her father naked and starts to harass her in her own way.

4. They find themselves to be ugly compared to Maureen which is why they tried to find faults in her to comfort themselves.

5.They were shocked to see them with Mr. Henry, especially what he was doing with them, but mostly their reactions were based on what their mother had told them about those women. They were frighthened and curious. They are very easily influenced by their mothers words.

6. Geraldine is a respectable, emotionally detached woman who looks down on her race if they are “low class and dirty”. I think her significance in the story lies with her meeting with Pecola. Pecola was framed by Geraldine’s son and Geraldine believes him even though she knows how naughty her child is. She immediately does not like Pecola because of her appearance which is very important because Pecola is very self conscious, and then she insults her and treats her like crap because she thought Pecola killed her precious cat.

7. Geraldine and Junior have a love hate relationship mostly because like I said before she is emotionally detached. Junior is jealous because his mother shows more love to the cat than to Junior and so he spends a lot of his time torturing the cat. However she does love him even though he may not know it, and I think that was the most important part of their relationship because he blamed Pecola for killing the cat when he did it and she still believed him despite the fact taht she knows he has tried to kill the cat and torture many times.

8.Junior treats Pecola friendly at first because he wants to “play”. however when they are inside his house he is very cruel, seeking to torture her. Geraldine treats pecola like crap basically because of her family history and her appearance which hits Pecola very hard because she is self conscious about those very things.

English 2* preclass Feminism topic

    What stood out to me from our discussion on gender was how many theories feminists have on the topic. I used to think feminists just wanted equality and rights, but there are different perspectives to look at that by.

   What stood out too me from our discussion on advertising was how views on beauty have changed, but at the same time they haven’t. A lot of the things that are perceived as beautiful then is still beautiful now. The look has changed but not the basic qualities.

Karina, I agree with what you wrote. I liked the part when you talked about the different perspectives of beauty and how it changed. -Selena B.

Karina, the ad does show the ways that the views of beauty has changed. I agree. -Jen Hunter 

I agree with everything you said! -Naimatou


I enjoyed this story very much because it made me laugh and want to cry at the same time. This romantic story about Seymour and Marsha stood out to me because when they explained their love for eachother they didn’t proceed to name the things they loved about eachother, but the things that they dislike about eachother or made them-not so perfect. For example, Marsha’s lack of cooking skills and  Seymour’s Alzhemiers disease. They explained that it was these things things that made them love eachother even more and made their love  stronger.

Monthly Book Club

Karina M.
Period 3-4
The Uglies
Scott Westerfield

What do you think was the author’s purpose in writing this book?

To entertain
Who do you think is the intended audience for this book?

Rate the book from 1-10



Describe the character/person who changed the most from beginning of the book to the end of the book. Explain the change and what caused it.

In this story the character Tally changes the most. In the beginning she was caught up in the superficial world that was her community. She was excited to get her operation that would turn her “beautiful” that all “uglies” go through at age 16, but as you keep reading she discovers the “ancient” world (what would  be considered our era) where people stayed “ugly” and everyone looked different. she also discovers a cult of people against this operation and their ways and starts to learn more about this past. In the end she runs away with the cult and no longer thinks highly of the operation.

Monthly Book Club

Karina M.
Period 3-4
Just Listen
Sarah Dessen

What do you think was the author’s purpose in writing this book?*

I think the author’s purpose was to entertain.
Who do you think is the intended audience for this book?*

Rate the book from 1-10*



Describe one major external conflict and one major internal conflict found in this book.

One major external conflict in this story was her ongoing argument with her ex-bestfriend Sophie. Basically, the fight began when Sophie’s boyfriend raped the main character Annabel. Sophie caught them, but believed herboyfriend when he said Annabel forced herself on him. The internal conflict that takes place in this story is Annabel keeping the truth to herself due to her fear of what people might think or believe.

Lap 1 Critical thinking and writing

Oates/”The Lady with the pet Dog”

1.I like Chekhov’s version better than the Oates version. The point of retelling the story from a different point of view is to see the other peron’s thoughts and feelings towards a situation.

4.Anna is unhappy after the affair in Nantucket because she feels like she let herself down by going against her morals and she felt worthless. Though she disliked her husband she was guilty, so she thought of suicide.

6. This story made the narration particularly convincing as a woman because  it showed and explained feelings more where as a man would not show much emotions.

“What triumph, to love like this in any room, anywhere, risking even the craziest of accidents!”

7. I think that by this Anna meant that compared to her relationship with her husband, this relationship with Gurov was true love and was worth even though they were risking getting caught or getting in trouble.

“Everything is repeating itself everything is stuck”

8. I think that by ordering the events in the story like she did the author managed to support this quote by Anna. She was able to better show how everything was indeed repeating itself or going nowhere.

Lap1, Critical thinking and writing questions.

“The Lady with the Pet Dog”

“No excuses can be made for the writers adulterous affair. They behave selfishly and irresponsibly. they’re immoral-and so is the story.”

1. I think that Chekhov would disagree that no excuses can be made for adulterous affairs because in the story he seemed to stress just how much Gurov and his wife, and Anna and her husband were distanced and then how in love with Anna he was. He would probably say that you cannot help who you fall in love with and that sometimes you fall out of love or weren’t really in love at all. While I agree with that argument I also agree with the statement that they behaved selfishly and irresponsibly because people feelings were at stake in this situation. If others were to find out, the two people being cheated on would  probably suffer pain and embarrassment. Not only that, but Gurov and Anna’s feelings could’ve also be hurt or taken for granted, considering that’s what they were doing to their spouses.

I also agree that their actions in the story were immoral, but I do not think the story was immoral. He does not encourage infidelity, he is just telling a realistic, common story.

2.I think it is significant that the setting took place at a resort because resorts encourage relaxation and vacation. In other words- happiness away from home and because of this I think the characters in this story got carried away and believed that they may find happiness away from their stressful home by having an affair with another person and bending the rules a little.

6. The antagonists in this story were Gurov’s wife and Anna’s husband. In the story they were portrayed as boring people with non alluring personalities. Gurov and and Anna were constantly complaining that they were somehow holding them back and causing them stress. The story also seemed to make people look at them as if they were horrible people for keeping Anna and Gurov apart.

8. I think Chekhov does not really tell what happens in the end because he wanted people to infer and imagine exactly what obstacles Anna and Gurov would face in the future with trying to make their relationship work, and he wanted people to decide for themselves if they believed the relationship would go on. I think this strategy was effective because it made me wonder and go back and think, based on what he had told about the relationship whether or not I thought they had worked out in the end.

“The personal life of every individual is based on secrecy, and perhaps it is partly for that reason that civilized man is so nervously anxious that personal privacy should be respected”

9. I, like Gurov, do believe that people’s real lives are lead in secrecy. I believe this because people are very often afraid of what others think of what they do or feel. People are judgmental so in order to be true to themselves people lead the lives they want, and do what they want in the safety of their own privacy.

Eng.2* I Am Poem

I Am Poem

I was from smoldering, humid, and hot

I was from huge mountains contrasting against a clear blue sky

I am now from grafitti covered row houses

From bars on my windows and the smell of grandmas’ delicious cooking

I am from strict Sonia (mother) and William (uncle)

From Friday family visits that turn into parties

From “Acho men” and “Mira vete pa’l carajo!”

I am from a true friendship that began in the fifth grade

From long holidays spent serenading and caroling with my family

From traveling to foreign places while reading my books and a room that never seems to stay  organized,

I am from sleepless nights filled with big dreams.